“The combination of neuromuscular massage and osteopathic treatments I received at MMC has turned my life around. I experienced migraines and severe tension headaches daily for almost six months. I woke up with headaches every morning and usually went to bed with the same headache. I lost countless days of work because the headaches were so bad. Now, thanks to the wonderful people at MMC who have worked their “magic”, the severe headaches and migraines are gone. I’m smiling again, and now I look forward to each day knowing I will be productive and headache free.

Thank you so much!!” – RASC, Littleton, CO

“I was injured on February 3, 1999, in a car accident. My diagnosis was “disorders of the sacrum/sciatica”. At one point, my doctor told me that surgery may be the only other option, and I preferred to do this only as a last resort. In early 2001, I was given the opportunity to try massage therapy, and I would like to tell you what a difference this treatment has made in my life. The staff at Medical Massage Center was very thorough in evaluating my situation and addressing my specific needs. In fact, a complaint I had voiced numerous times before was finally treated successfully! The therapists were/are knowledgeable about anatomy, professional in treating their patients and caring of others. In all honesty, I can tell you that without this treatment I would have had to have surgery and/or be in continued pain. My only regret is that I was not referred for medical massage earlier in the course of my treatment. I truly feel my rehabilitation would have occurred more quickly with less physical and mental agony and less financial cost to the insurance company if this had been the case ”

- Sincerely, D.H., Highlands Ranch, CO
“I was injured on January 10, 2001 with a diagnosis of whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome, and disc bulges at C4-C5. My health care included medical massage therapy and I wish to tell you the benefits I received. I began treatment being so sore and tight that my therapist could barely touch me. As time went on, I would improve then run out of visits (per my auto PPO coverage). By the time I got more visits approved, I would be back to where I began. Later, my therapist tried a new method, cranial decompression, and I turned the corner. I had burning on both sides of my neck for over a year and with one session of cranial massage the burning disappeared. I continued my visits and continued improving. I now feel very light pain and feel my improvement to be about 70%. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to receive medical massage. It is TOTALLY different from regular massage.”

- Sincerely, J.R., Highlands Ranch, CO
“I was injured on April 9, 2001, in an automobile accident. My life was full of pain. Headaches, tight knotted muscles, The pain was of a nature that consumed my life, day and night. I feel I owe medical massage 70% of regaining my life back. Thank you for the relief in my life. ”

- Sincerely, O.S., Lakewood, CO


“I was diagnosed with neck and back sprain/strain, in an accident I received in November 2001. Through massage therapy, I received pain relief, increased range of motion, improved flexibility and improved health. I was able to get through a day without pain and over time I made it weeks without pain. Thanks to the massage appointments and the techniques for stretching that I was taught, I was able to make a full recovery from my injuries. The massage therapist provided total care and communicated with my physicians on a regular basis. This is an important service that (helps) people recover. Had I not had massage to decrease the spasms, I would not have been able to move forward with the rest of my treatment
program. ”

- Sincerely, L.G., Littleton, CO